Wealth Creators programme available from age 9 to adult
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The Wealth Creators program is a 4 lesson initiative introducing the concept of entrepreneurship to young children, teenagers and school leavers from the age of 9 and older.

The sessions are facilitated by entrepreneurs that are passionate about encouraging people to experience what it is like to start and run their own business and impart their lessons to help the transfer of knowledge and improve the entrepreneurial journey.


The philosophy of the program is this-

Being a successful entrepreneur is no different to being a successful sportsman or woman, the earlier you start honing your skills the better you become!


When it comes to school-going children. the risk free environment of living at home with mom and dad makes it easier to learn from your failures which most often is the reason that adults are not able to embrace an Idea or Concept they truly believe as the stakes are too high to risk the chance of failure.


But it is never too late to gain skills that will future-proof yourself!

The program structure follows the following themes:

The mind of the Entrepreneur:
The lesson is based upon introducing what character traits it takes to make it as a high impact Entrepreneur. The lesson covers the basic character traits including developing an internal locus of control and tenacity.

What you need to start a Business:
There is a misconception that a prerequisite for starting a business is capital but this lessons serves to debunk those myths. The lesson will unpack what it really takes to start a business and help learners come up with ideas that they could use to start a business of their own.

Getting to grips with Cash flow:
Cash flow is one of the primary reasons that new businesses fail. Managing a businesses cash flow, as well as personal income is imperative to the longevity of a start up. This lessons looks at the basics of running a lean business.

Networks and Mentors:
Our last lesson adds the necessary building blocks to complete the structures of a sustainable business, these being the support of an effective network and mentor.