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CtrlSHIFT Competition

Do you have an incredible idea that will revolutionize the tech industry but no way of making it come to life?

Can you see a solution to a problem that no one else has thought about yet?

Can you turn this idea into a viable business for yourself and others?

Are you the next digital disruptor?

Ctrl your own future and SHIFT yourself into doing something that you are passionate about and create the next big innovation in technology.

Wealth Creators and The Coding Ground are bringing you the opportunity to pitch your tech ideas to a panel of judges including experienced entrepreneurs, coding experts and industry leaders.

Boot Camp for Round 2 of the Competition
What are the prizes?

15 businesses to receive 1 day of Wealth Creator Pitch Coaching worth a value of R1,000 each

6 businesses to be pitch winners and will receive

Prototype development time worth R11,000 each

Wealth Creator Youth Academy Private Lessons worth R1,000 each

Funding of R500 each

1 business to get Minimum Viable Product development time worth R48,000

Who qualifies to apply?

You can be anyone in and around Gauteng, South Africa, from any school! As long as you are:

In Grade 8, 9 and 10 learners that have ideas in the following areas:

Over the counter Robotics

Data Science

Mobile App Development

Software Design

Website Design

Gaming Platforms

Artificial Intelligence

How much does it cost to participate in ctrlSHIFT?

The application is submitted for FREE! If your idea is selected there is a R50 commitment fee to attend the Pitch Practice Day. 

What information do I need when I apply?

Your application must include
Your name and contact details
Your business name
Your business partner(s) name if you have any
Your school information
The type of business idea
Your business idea
What problem your business idea solves
Who are the customers who will find your business ideas useful

What is the process for choosing the winner for CtrlSHIFT?

Round 1: Submit Applications

Students in Grade 8 – 10 submit their applications online or by paper.


Round 2: Business Idea Selection

Judges from Wealth Creators and The Coding Ground will look at the business ideas and select 15 of the best business ideas to go to the next round.  Your ideas will be looked at by our judges and if they are in one of the above categories and make business sense,

15 places will be awarded for the pitching practice and notified over email.


Round 3: Business Pitch Practice

The 15 selected businesses will be invited to a Pitching Practice for 2 hours where they will be taught presentation skills and how to turn their ideas into awesome business pitches to convince investors to fund their business ideas!!

The pitching practice is R50 per person Pitching Practice and will be held (at a cost of R50 per person) at The Graft Yard, in Randburg for 2 hours where successful applicants will be taught how to turn their ideas into awesome business pitches and presentation skills to convince investors to get behind these ideas.


Round 4: Business Pitch Day

The 15 businesses will get to pitch their business ideas to a panel of judges. The judges will select the six best ideas to go to the next round.


Round 5: Business and Coding Bootcamp

If your idea is one of 6 chosen, you will attend a 4-day bootcamp where you will learn how to turn your idea into a workable business, how to code and how to develop the business case for your idea. << note the software bootcamp is 2 x half day bootcamps >>

Each business will be paired with a dedicated member of The Coding Ground Team to  build a wireframe prototype to show how their business idea can be implemented

The six best businesses will get R500 in funding to help start and market their business idea.


Round 6: Final Pitch Competition

The six remaining businesses will get to showcase the newly developed wireframes to a new panel of judges.

The best idea will be selected to be developed by The Coding Ground team. Development time worth R48,000!!!

What will happen to my idea if I do not win the prize?

At every stage of ctrlSHIFT the idea remains your property. Wealth Creators and The Coding Ground are helping you develop your business idea and we WILL NOT use any ideas without your participation.