Meet the Wealth Creators team of entrepreneurial coaches
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Our Leading Team


Zviko has an advanced degree in financial management and has experience managing financial literacy programs to youth in public schools around the country.

Zviko Mudimu


Kirsten is a habitual entrepreneur who brings 16 years of business lessons to Wealth Creators. She is deeply passionate about creating sustainable new business ventures.

Kirsten Kairuz


Michael has a passion for being an entrepreneur and co-founded Wealth Creators. He believes every child deserves the support to be the best they can be.

Michael Griffin


Our Coaches

The coaches on the program are hand selected entrepreneurs that are active in the local community. They are currently offering their time to come into the local schools and grow the entrepreneurial talent around them because they see the value in nurturing young entrepreneurs. The coaches then identify children in the classes with similar business ideas and incubate that talent after the program, in their businesses.

Coaches are trained in the execution of each lesson and shadow one of the programs before partnering with another coach to present independently. Coaching is always done in pairs so as to ensure accountability and increased knowledge/skills transfer.